Monday, December 20, 2010

Wake UP!

Today's COD:

Sometimes I'm me. But then other times, I'm aware that I'm me. It's really weird. Tonight while rocking a sick (?) baby it dawned on me that I am me and I am living my life. It's me sitting in this chair rocking this child. And it's not just any child, he's MY child. And you know what else? I'm married! And living in our very own house. And the master bedroom is ours! You may not know what this is all about - but have you ever looked at your life from the outside-in and wondered how you ever got there? It's like 13 year old Elizabeth is looking through the window at 28 year old Elizabeth in disbelief.


  1. I feel this way all the time! I imagine how wonderful it would be for young me to get a glimpse of the joy in store. I used to worry about falling in love, having a family, a career, a home. I feared it might not happen. God had it all worked out. I know that if 13 year old Rachel peaked in my window, she'd smile. God whispers to me that if 28 year old Rachel could peak into the window of 40 year old Rachel I'd smile too. It's a sobering thought for me. He's in control!

  2. me tooo!!! i feel this way a lot..good to know that others do too and that they are happy at what they you dear


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