Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I'm starting a new segment on this blog. It's called "Crazy of the Day" or C.O.D. I'm pretty random. I mean, really really super random. Every day while showering, I am left alone with my random thoughts. So, I'll try each day to share at least one random thought with you. And I want your feedback...sometimes it will be a question, or maybe a dream, and even just an observation of randomness. For instance, one day I might ask you how on earth a company could manufacture and sell an umberella for less than what my mascara costs. I mean, really?

Today's COD happens to be a dream. I think it stems from our fun night at the RMH. Here goes: I was sleeping and I awoke on the operating table. Marc was beside me and very happy - they had just delivered our second child via c-section. The baby was full term, yet I never knew I was pregnant...I never gained weight, got sick, had weird cravings, went to the check-ups, took prenatals. All of this confusion was going through my head when Marc told me our little girl was here. What would we even name her? Flash-forward (how dreams often do) and Paige was there. I looked at her with the most serious face and asked her to pinch me because I was certain I was dreaming. She took my shoulders and looked me square in the eye and said, "No sweetie, this is not a dream. This is your life, you have another baby."

You lied, Paige. It was in fact a dream. I can't believe you would dream-lie to me like that. I was fully prepared to wake myself up until you told me it was real life. There it is, folks, today's COD. See, I told you it was random.

Last night we cooked for the folks staying at the RMH. It was so very fun! We got to do our Christmas dinner and share it with some very nice people who are going through a tough time. Most of those that I spoke with had premies and were waiting on weight gain, lung development, etc so they could take their precious little ones home. The kids especially loved the cupcakes!

 Aren't these adorable reindeer cupcakes? Super easy to make if you want the idea for your kiddos.

The sign the RMH put up for us. Isn't it cute? We fall under the "& friends" category. :)

I apologize for the poor quality of the iPhone photo.  Amanda, Jennifer, Wendy, Paige and me.

Our handsome men, aka the cleanup crew. They were so awesome. Scott, Josh, and Marc.

I love this man more than anything else in this entire world! Ladies: back off!

Yep, we had a really good time. Oh, and I want that kitchen! 

A random quote to end this post:
"I guess that's the real circle of life: your parents faked their way through it, you fake your way through it, and...hopefully you don't raise a serial killer." -Phil Dunfee, Modern Family


  1. I may have to borrow that quote from Modern Family, very funny. what's RMH?

  2. Isn't it hilarious? I was watching Modern Family as I typed this post and missed most of the show except this was the very last line and I had to copy it. RMH is the Ronald McDonald House. :)


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