Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Jesus

In light of Christmas and having a baby myself, I wonder about the life of baby Jesus. My sweet angel woke up several times last night all stopped up with another winter cold. How many colds did baby Jesus get? And I can just imagine how heart-broken Mary must have felt cuddling her sweet son, who just so happened to be the Savior of the world, when he did get sick! I wonder what he must have looked like crawling, and how excited His parents were when He took His first sweet steps. I wonder if He was shy when meeting strangers at 9 months, and how well He played with other babies. I wonder if He sucked His thumb and if his teeth grew in straight. I wonder what his first solid food was, and if he liked to eat his veggies. I wonder if he hated having his diaper changed and would try to crawl away at every attempt (I also wonder if they even had diapers? I mean, what did they do back in the day?) I wonder if he liked to scream really loud, and whether or not he liked to be held and cuddled, and how much he weighed when he was born, and if he slept through the night and took good naps during the day, and how many times Mary kissed his sweet chubby cheeks and rubbed his soft baby skin.

It is completely sobering to know that Jesus was 100% human. Mary had the same unconditional and overwhelming motherly love for Him as I do for Carson. And how much pressure/privilege did she feel raising Jesus, who also happens to be 100% God? Wow.

Thank you, Father, for loving me so much that You sent your only begotten Son, that I might not die, but have life everlasting in eternity with You. What a blessing. The best Christmas gift I've ever received.


  1. yeah, talk about pressure. Can you imagine thinking to yourself "Self, you can NOT screw this kid up. If you mess up baby Jesus, not only have you just sent the entire human race up the creek without a paddle, you are such a miserable failure at this whole parenting thing that you managed to screw up something that is, by definition, perfection. Way to go Mom. You suck." Poor Mary, she dealt with some heavy stuff.

  2. good perspective! it is really amazing to think about the fact that she felt for him just as we feel for our own...and then having to watch him suffer so much!


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