Monday, December 13, 2010



What a busy last couple of weeks. It's not slowing down any time soon, but I figured if I don't blog now, the next time I update it'll be so flipping long that no one will read it!

Tonight, I'm sitting by the fire with my unbelievably handsome husband sipping hot chocolate and trying to recover from an exciting weekend with my family in Gatlinburg. Some fun facts about our trip: Carson started crawling on his knees while he was playing with cousin Cole (who just adores "baby Carson")...they are so cute together! Carson rode the carousel in Ober Gatlinburg (and in Birmingham at the Galleria while visiting Aunt Robin) and just went crazy over it. We got to drive through snow on our way home and it was gorgeous! We wasted loads of money ordering real food for C to try - most of which he did NOT like. Not sure how to get him to eat his veggies - tips? I think I left my $150 pump at the hotel which will REALLY bum me out!!!

There is so much more I wanted to tell you about our trip but the hot chocolate is clouding my memories.

Tonight we met the gorgeous twins of our dear friends the Jameses. New babies are always so sweet, but we never experienced a LITTLE new baby, since C arrived as a 3 month old at 10 lbs 12 oz. Oh, and another thing we discovered in G'burg and proved further tonight: Carson is SUPER jealous of mommy holding anyone else! He goes crazy...what are we gonna do when we're ready to have another little one? Maybe he'll grow out of it :/  Anyway, Jaley and Jillian, you are beautiful and C will have a hard time picking between the two of you.

Tomorrow night we'll be cooking for the Ronald McDonald House. Every year we get together for a Christmas dinner with Paige & Josh and Amanda & Scott. Two years ago we spent $40 per couple or more at Bass Pro and had a decent meal, but knew we could do much better cooking on our own. So last year we spent about $35 pc and had steaks, shrimp, scallops, and lots of other scrumptious food. So this year, instead of spending $100 on ourselves, we're using that money to cook for others. We still get the fun time together as friends, but we get to give back in a great way too. Thanks for the awesome idea Japanda!!

Oh, and tomorrow Marc has to get a tooth fixed that he chipped on a sweet tart in G'burg. How does one even begin to do that? Okay, gotta go enjoy this fire and this man. ;)

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  1. so so so excited for tonight! It will be great to spend time together and I really think we're goign to give those families a very enjoyable evening! I am so lucky to have friends that share a desire to do something that makes a difference and are willing to give their time and hard-earned money to a worthy cause. you rock E!!


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