Saturday, January 1, 2011


This might not be a big deal to you, but it's super huge to me: I won the De-Clutter Bug contest from the Little Joys blog!!! Wanna see my "after" pics? If you remember, I already posted my before pics, so it's only fair that I share with you the afters, right? (Please note when viewing my post with the before pics, this is what I thought was "clean" in my home.)

Without further ado:

 The living room - a few changes with the addition of our Christmas present, the new tv over the fireplace. 

 (Please disregard my handsome sleeping hubby). When these pictures were taken, we were in the process of hanging our new family photos and changing the pictures throughout the room. Hence the bare walls. 

(Here are the pics we'll be hanging.) The new tv allowed us this additional little space for a home for our computer and printer. Thanks to my Aunt Shaney for this desk!

Seriously, this bookshelf has always been cluttered to the hills with junk mail, baby toys, and random trash that would land there when we came in the door. All of that stuff has a home, and now we use it. :)

 This is Carson's toy corner. Each day, after pulling every toy out and playing with it, we put it away here so it's not cluttering our living space. 

 Notice the tile grout, please. I spent many a Cinderella night scrubbing that, thankyouverymuch. I'm far from done, but it looks like we have a new kitchen floor.

Remember the counter at the bottom left of this picture in my previous post of before pics? Yeah, it stays clean now! 

 This red hutch was not included in the before pics because I didn't view it as "dirty" - plus I just forgot. Anyway, this is a special hutch on this cleaning journey, because the top of this hutch hadn't been seen since I got pregnant. We had just been piling and piling and piling junk on it...if I didn't know where to put something, it went here. Now, thanks to Tidy Tuesday, it stays clean.

Marc's bathroom...the biggest change here is another floor renovation. Clean tile grout really makes a HUGE difference.

As do clean countertops and sinks. :)

Big changes in the spare bedroom with the removal of the huge queen bed. Now there is more room to move about, and this room is no longer the catch all for clothes I don't feel like hanging up. 

 Oh, if only you could have seen this closet before!

 You may not see a huge difference in the master. However, please note that in the before post, I considered this room clean. With unmade bed, crap all over the dresser and everything. Now we try hard to keep the bed made and the floors clean.

 My bathroom - woah the change. I take my clothes out everyday instead of leaving a pile in the floor.

See that tub to the left? Well, even though you can't see in it, know that now, because of Thorough Thursday, I can give Carson baths in the tub instead of his baby tub that he had way outgrown. I was still putting him in it because I didn't feel like his tiny body could handle the plethora of germs that MUST have been crawling in that tub with the (in)frequency of my cleanings!

More clean bathroom :)

I didn't post a pic of Carson's room in my previous post because he was asleep. But tonight I just went in anyway, got the camera ready, turned the light on for 2 seconds, snapped the pic, and turned the light back off. No flinch from him, so...

I did that again and snapped a pic of him in all his adorableness.

I read a statistic that says 97% of all moms think that their child is cuter than everyone elses. I'm in that 97% :)


  1. As her mom, I can attest to the fact that she has made a 190 degree turn around. When I entered her home after the first cleaning I thought I was in the twilight zone, I could actually see the tops of counters and tables. She works hard, or should I say (after initial cleaning) hardly works at keeping it that way. I am very proud of her, plus she's inspired me to adopt her cleaning schedule, it just makes sense, the rest of our lives are on some type of schedule ~ right!

  2. I heart that red chest...and may have to check out this whole cleaning schedule thing

  3. I am so proud of you! I didn't know if you wanted your name and info included...all that can get sticky and i didn't want to interfere with privacy..Ben said that i should put before and after pics, but i said it was your house and i didn't know if that would be appropriate...also he said that i should say your unashamed to do both, but wanted to err on the side of caution just in case.
    love love love your momos comment above!!!
    SO GLAD for you!!!! (and everyone else it seems!)
    i lost all my contacts in my phone and am currently without one as we await the arrival of the iphone to verizon...but would love to talk details of your "prize" you have Ben's cell?

  4. Congrats, Elizabeth! So happy for you and as always I LOVE your beautiful home! :)

  5. Thanks so much for your sweet comments everyone! Joy, no worries on the blog, I figured it was something like that :) I think I may have Ben's cell...I'll check and try to give you a call tomorrow evening. If I don't, I'll just email mine to you.

  6. congratulations on your win elizabeth! it looks like you made quite a change! keeping a tidy house all the time does make it so much easier to clean and way less embarassing when you have those drop-by visitors!!


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