Friday, December 17, 2010

Veggie Time!

I've been having trouble getting Carson to eat veggies that he previously loved since I started serving them in chunks instead of puree. Well, last night at the urging of my mother, I put them back in the food processor and didn't quite puree them, but got them into a sort of veggie paste. He ate them right up! Yay! He also drank from his sippy cup and tried some yogurt this morning. :)

But this post isn't really about that. I don't eat enough veggies. Do you? Well my aunt Lucy (and all of my mother's side of the family, really) is a health nut. She posted something on FB one day about a "green smoothie". I was super skeptical at first, but I checked out this website and decided I would give it a shot. Before I tried it, I told Amanda about it - and she was immediately on board. In fact, she had the stuff at home so she made one pretty much straight away. She called me and told me how good it was. Hm, maybe I should go ahead and try it then. Amanda also made it sound easier to make than going out and buying bunches of different green veggies, she just opened a bag of spinach for salad and dumped it in. Okay so here's the recipe that she and I adapted:
A bag of fresh spinach, 3 bananas, 3 small fuji apples (cored and chopped, peel on), and I used OJ, Amanda said she uses whatever liquid she thought would be good: green tea, water, apple juice, etc.
Ladies and gents, let me tell you...this smoothie tastes like a banana, oj, apple smoothie. NOT AT ALL LIKE spinach!!  And if you don't know about the nutrients found in spinach, you should check out these websites: Wholesome Baby Food, Self Nutrition Data, and Wikipedia.

Seriously - go now - try one. I'll wait. And once you do, leave me a comment and tell me how yummy yours is. :)

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  1. eeeee! I feel special I was mentioned! LOL
    I never even thought about it for babies how perfect!!
    My neighbor uses frozen spinach in hers which I thought was brilliant, and now if I have some lettuce greens or spinach that is on it's way out, I'll stick it in the freezer for smoothies for when I don't have fresh.
    And you can even use handfuls of those mixed baby greens or baby romaine, like in the lettuce container thingy's..
    I've also used a couple of leaves of bok don't even taste it...and kale. Banana is great to cover kale as well as any other strong green.
    you should try to rotate greens so you aren't getting too much of one, esp spinach since it can be high in nitrates, higher if not organic spinach. As I'm writing this, I THINK I read something one time about overdoing spinach in babies or younger than one year? might want to research that a little...?


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