Friday, July 8, 2011

My Time Away

Faithful blog readers, I must apologize for my more than 3 month blog-hiatus. I'll only attempt to give you a brief synopsis of what I've been up to, because if I go into major detail, this could be a VERY long post!

My sweet Carson has grown leaps and bounds in the last 3 months! He has curls galore on his little head and I'm going back and forth over whether to cut them or not. I know that once I do, those curls most likely won't come back. But if there is a lack of humidity in the air, the curls kinda turn into a mini-mullet (that I always fix with a little water.) Look at my big man:
He's still not saying many words though. Any tips on this, mom-friends? He jabbers and rambles and "talks" to me all the time, but when I practice words with him, he shuts up. And when I read to him, he pays attention (sometimes), and seems to understand (most) everything I say. Advice or tips welcome.

We have been on many playdates, to the beach with grandparents, and on a vacation to Ohio for my cousin's wedding. Needless to say, we have stayed very busy over the last few months. But busyness is not the real reason for my lack of blogging. On April 1st, Marc and I got some exciting news. We found out we were expecting a sweet little addition to the Mahan family. Since I can't keep a secret, I decided to hold off on blogging until I went to the doctor for confirmation. That appointment was set for April 19. When it was over, I announced our exciting news on facebook.

Between life being hectic, extreme pregnancy exhaustion, and chasing a toddler, I wasn't able to sit down and blog about it. Then, the unthinkable happened. Mother's Day was hard to celebrate, because the next day I was going to the doctor to confirm my worst fears. We lost the baby. It has been a tough ordeal, something I guess I never expected, but also something I have found that a lot of women have struggled with. It was something that I chose not to announce on facebook, because I really needed to grieve and process it alone. Each day gets a little easier, but friends, if you've never experienced it, please don't discount the fact that it is a true loss. I'm guilty of having "brushed off" others' miscarriages before going through one myself. And let me tell you now, a mother truly feels a loss of life. And it is painful. Each day gets a little eaiser.

Now I'm on a major weight loss journey. Have you tried My Fitness Pal? If not, you totally should. You can log your calories, exercise, weight and measurements and keep track of your progress, as well as make sure you are getting the proper nutrients. Plus it's a cool community of weightloss friends that become a support system in helping you meet your goals. I sound like a commercial, but I really do like it! If you are using it, let me know and send me a friend request!

Oh yeah, while we were in Ohio, we visited Kings Island. It was SO much fun, but my husband made me ride a rollercoaster. It was the diamondback and I though I was going to die! Ugh, I hate rollercoasters. I'm gonna end on that note. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of blogging. Much love peeps!


  1. I'm so sorry about your loss, Elizabeth. I lost our second at about 7 weeks, too. It was hard, but it made me so thankful for Ella, realizing that each day of life is a gift. It cemented in my heart that I truly believe I'll get to meet that child one day, and it was a little extra-special when we found out we were expecting James. As for Carson's talking, I think he's doing fine if he's jabbering to you all the time. James has been kind of the same way, but his word count increases more each month. He was not interested at that age in repeating words, either. I think it's pretty normal for boys to be a little behind on the word curve than girls. He's talking to you; you just don't get it yet. :)

  2. Oh, Elizabeth! I am so, so terribly sorry to hear this news. I had noticed you were away from the blog, but figured hey, that happens sometimes. I don't think there are any words to comfort a mother who has lost a child, so I'll leave it at I love you guys and I'm just so sorry for your loss.

  3. All I can say is don't cut those beautiful curls...until I at least see them. Take lots of pics of them, you will miss them when they're gone. It is a tough decision to cut or not to cut. I'm proud of you for sharing your loss with your blog family, I know it's been a challenge for you. Love you dearly. Mom

  4. I'm sorry to hear your sad news. Glad to see you're back to blogging!

  5. So glad you shared! It will help you heal. Remember I am here for you.

    Don't cut his hair yet!! It's so adorable!! You could wait a long time - even a year - to cut it. It's just so precious!

    As far as the talking goes, it's perfectly normal. Andy didn't really speak English until he was almost 2. He was a jabbering fool before that. No worries, it will happen.

    Much love!! Wendy

  6. I am so glad that you shared this. You are right there are a lot of women that have gone through that. I now want to apologize for even teasingly having said "where have you been" in the blog world. I know where you have been. Im so sorry. Praise God that He is strengthening you through this! What a testimony of His goodness you will have!
    How old is Carson? How many words is he saying? is your pediatrician concerned? if not-you shouldn't be..:) But books. Yes 2-3 a day 2times a day...and asking lots of questions with one-two word answers..a lot of moms don't ask questions bc they think they can't answer and they "create a world of dictation instead of inviting diction"..that was free from the conference i was at last week..hahah:)
    I am SURE you are doing GREAT! loveyoU!
    ~Joy Finch


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