Monday, April 9, 2012

Being thankful

It's been 8 months since I last posted on here. But enough about that. 

Next month I will turn 30. Some of my dearest friends dread the big 3-0, but I must say that I am very excited. This post will attempt to explain why, however I'm certain that I'll leave some thoughts out or hanging. And let's remember, there's only one alternative to getting older!

:: My childhood years ::

I had a pretty cool childhood. I don't remember much, mostly because I have a poor memory. There were events in the timeline of my childhood that shaped the adult I have become. Some good, some bad, but I'm thankful that most of my childhood memories include nothing but laughter! Alas, I couldn't wait to grow up! Moving on...

:: My teens ::

I loved being a teenager; I mean, come on, who didn't? Sure it was filled with awkward times and I made some terrible decisions, but overall there was so much good that came from it. I truly accepted Jesus as the Lord of my life, I learned to drive, I made awesome friends - some for a short time, some that are still besties. I graduated high school and started college. I learned to like myself. I learned that life is about serving others more than myself, and I'm happier when I do that. There were awesome milestone birthdays in the teen years :: 13 started it all, at 15 I got a permit to drive, at 16 I got a license and car to drive (albeit old, ugly and beat up, I was so proud), at 18 I was considered a "legal adult", at 19 I could have smoked if I wanted (but chose not to, lol). All of that awesomeness lead to...

 :: My twenties ::

I wondered how I'd top those incredible teen years, but the twenties have freaking rocked!! It started off a little rocky with some family drama that I didn't understand at the time, but that settled down and taught me a lot about myself, my faith, family, love, friendship, and life in general. When I turned 21, I was legal to drink if I wanted; however I chose not to, and bought a car all by myself for the first time. At 22 I graduated college and began life as a working adult. At 23 I decided to pursue my degree as an actress, so I moved to NYC. I vowed to be a big-city-girl and had high hopes and dreams, but realized after only 5 short months that wasn't the life God had for me. I made some wonderful friendships in the time I was there that I'll carry with me forever. But before I left Alabama, I made a new friend, and when I came back home, that friend turned out to be my best friend. 

:: Enter Marc ::

We dated for a year, were engaged for 6 months, and only a week after turning 25, I married my best friend. Sure, things were rocky at first. But our love was strong, and has become stronger every day. We have celebrated the birth of a child, mourned the loss of a pregnancy and grandparent, will soon celebrate the life of a second child - and all the while grown stronger as a couple, in love and friendship. I have the most incredible friendships a girl could ask for, ones that truly love and care for me and my family. I am so blessed - and thank God every day - to be surrounded with immediate family. Watching my child grow up in such a loving environment is, well, let's just say that there's never been anything more endearing to me. 

So why am I excited for that awesome era to end? Well because as you can see, with each time frame it has only gotten better! What's not to look forward to? I have no idea what my 30s will hold, but I know it's gonna be great. 

I look in the mirror and there are things that have definitely changed since I was 16, or 20, or 25. But every "crows foot" around my eyes remind me of the laughter that I've shared with my friends, my family, and even the times I've laughed at myself! 

The ugly sun spots remind me of the beautiful area I live in, that I have cherished God's creation and made so many memories doing so. 

The frown lines that are starting to (just barely) show on my forehead remind me of the troubles and sorrows God has brought me through. And what He has taught me with each one, lessons that I hope I'll never forget. 

The scars and stretch marks on my tummy, which will never be as flat as when I was 25, are reminders of my precious child...and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Instead of dreading turning 30, let's embrace it. 

I can't wait to see what God has in store. I know this :: He's going to give me more love than I could ever imagine. Love for my husband, love for Carson, and love for our sweet new baby girl that will be here when I'm 30. Love for my precious brothers and sisters, and countless nieces and nephews. Love for my unbelievable friends, and their families and children, for whom I am so thankful to do life with. Love for my awesome parents and in-laws...I am so blessed to have them close by, and Carson is so blessed to grow up with grandparents that adore him! Love for my adorable little Kenyan son, Kennedy, and hopefully maybe some other little blessings.

"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13

Be thankful for getting older. I say, 
"Bring it on 30!!!"

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