Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tidy Tuesday

Come with me down a [hopefully former] trail of thought in any day of cleaning.
Okay, today I need to clean the kitchen, my bedroom and the bathroom. We'll start with the kitchen - gosh it's a mess in here. I'll unload the dishwasher. Commence unloading. While placing stuff on the counter for cabinets unreachable until the dishwasher is shut, I run out of room. Hm, let's clean off some counter space. Purse goes here. Diaper bag goes here. These pants of the Boy's, throw them in the diaper bag - no wait, I better go ahead and put them in his room. Take pants to room. While there, pick up the toys strown about. Stumble over a pair of shoes. Hm, we need to get him some shoes that actually fit his feet before we go to Gatlinburg. It's gonna be cold there. Let me look through his shoes one more time to see if he has any that he's grown into. Speaking of cold, I need to survey his cold-weather clothes too. Gosh, he doesn't have very much, just this couple of outfits here. What if it's colder than that? I need to make a list of what all to get him. I wonder if some of his cold weather stuff is in his dirty clothes? That's a big pile of clothes, maybe I should go ahead and wash them. Take the load to the washer, dump them in. Make a quick stroll through the kitchen, living room, dining room, all the bedrooms and bathrooms gathering any strays scattered here and there. While strolling:  Be sure and remember to put those toys in the toy box when you come back through. Oh, don't forget to grab that glass next time around. Let's go ahead into the master bedroom and put all the dirty laundry in the laundry room. While in the MB: I have GOT to straighten this bathroom. This goes here, that goes there, put this in that drawer, now for the clothes. I need to go ahead and sort this massive pile before taking it to the laundry room. Sort clothes, take to LR. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, I was gonna make a list of the winter clothes Carson needs for Gatlinburg. Sit on the couch, open computer to write list, fall into a trap of facebook. Lose all train of thought and get nothing else accomplished for the day. Until time for Carson's dinner, when I walk in the kitchen and realize the dishwasher is wide open, half-unloaded, and a sink full of dishes! Gasp!!

You see what just happened there? Yeah, that's an everyday occurance for me, folks. No wonder my house is a constant pig-sty.  Hopefully this new cleaning schedule (thanks to Joy's Little Joys) will nip that in the bud. It certainly did yesterday! I managed to sweep, mop, and vaccuum my entire house. That has never happened in one day!!

Today is Tidy Tuesday. Have I told you yet how much I LOVE this new schedule? Today's chore was to take a clothes basket (or 2) and go through the house picking up any item that does not belong in the room it is currently in and place it where it goes. I just finished doing this. This one was so satisfying. We had piles of clutter in every room because I kept saying I'd get to it and go through it and put it all away eventually. The piles were organized, mind you, but now they are non-existent!! I'll take invisible piles over organized ones any day! I'm seriously in a new house. All it took was about an hour. I even cleaned up the pile of paperwork under my bed that I kept piling on - I finally went through it and filed it away. 

Gosh I can't tell you how liberated I feel. No more rushing things into an organized pile of mess or throwing things in rooms and shutting doors when people come over. I TRULY hope to stick to this schedule. I feel like a new person!


  1. YOU ROCK!!!!! Great job! Yes homemaking can be a very easily distractable occupation...there is work to be done everywhere!! So thankful to be helpful!

  2. No Joy, I'm pretty sure YOU rock!! My husband came in today and said the house looked awesome. That's right, awesome. I don't think he's ever used that word before (in relation to the cleanliness of the house, that is.) :)


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