Sunday, November 28, 2010

Satisfaction Sunday

Whew. What a week. A glorious holiday week that was loaded with plans, food, friends, projects, responsibilities, and lots of cleaning. (That last thing on the list would usually have been put off until the next week or later because I was "so busy", but since I've adopted Joy's De-clutter-bug cleaning schedule, I was able to come home each day to a clean home.) This day is truthfully a Satisfaction Sunday. I was able to take a guilt-free nap when Carson napped, and not worry about what all I needed to get done before Marc gets home.

Our angel has a nasty cold with a wicked cough and super runny nose. It's continued to get worse throughout the day. We go to the doctor Tuesday for his 9 month check up, hopefully he can wait til then without getting too sick.

My next post will be about the pros and cons of intentions. And stay tuned for a back log of Carson's first 9 months. And I may even dabble in telling you the love story of my amazing husband and me. :)

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