Monday, November 22, 2010

Mopping Monday

Today is the first day of a challenge issued by Joy Finch in her Little Joys. I have struggled in the area of cleaning for the entirety of my marriage...wait, no, the entirety of my life. I've never been super motivated, and I can ALWAYS find something better to do. However I married a man who likes a clean house, and it's my joy to make that man happy. So I try. But I usually fail.

Well Joy gave me a cleaning schedule that makes it all seem less overwhelming. Before today, when I walked into a room I felt overwhelmed by all that needed to be done to clean that room and found a reason to procrastinate. But today, for the first time, I only thought about "Mopping Monday". This includes sweeping, mopping and vaccuuming all rooms in the house. I did it. And all during Carson's nap. I feel accomplished. I feel like this day is not wasted. And the feeling of "I just can't get it all done" has not hovered over me today! And can I just say, my floors were filthy! Under the refrigerator were hiding shards of glass (eek!); I took a picture of the dirt I swept in the hallway (because NO ONE should have that much dirt in the hallway); and I can't tell you the last time the guest bedroom was vaccuumed.

Sure, I'll still spot-clean as needed, but I know that at least once a week, my floors will be thoroughly cleaned. Clean enough for my toddler to roll around on and keep a smile on the hub's face. And that makes me glad. I'll keep you posted throughout this 4 week journey of cleaning.

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