Monday, November 29, 2010


Let me tell you a few things about intentions. Intentions are:
  • 2 full unused bottles of Lysol bathroom cleaner under the guest bathroom sink
  • 1 spray can of Kaboom, 1 bottle of Clean Shower, 1 bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles, and 1 bottle of Lysol Soap Scum remover with bleach under the master bath sink
  • 1 bottle of Comet with bleach under the kitchen sink. 
  • 4 bottles of Windex/Clean Glass, 1 under each sink (2 in the kitchen)
  • A closet holding 3 empty scrapbooks, 3 reams of scrapbook paper, and every embellishment imaginable
  • 3 half-read books beside the bed
  • Clean clothes laying over a chair waiting to be hung or laying in the dryer awaiting rescue and folding
  • Over 10 recipe books in the kitchen hutch longing to be skimmed 
People...these numbers? They are NOT an exaggeration. I repeat. NOT an exaggeration.  They are all in my house. What's that old saying? "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." The buck stops here. No more good intentions without action. This is my commitment. It all began last week with a clean house.

 I pray the Lord continues to reveal the ways in which my intentions are good but followthrough lacking. I hope that you, invisible blogging friends, will help to hold me accountable in my journey to becoming more than just a "wannabe".

Matthew 7:21-23. Obedience counts, not intentions.

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  1. hahaha! this cracked me up! i knew you would start a blog soon! you are just so creative! love it! and love you! SJ


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