Monday, November 22, 2010

Carried Away

Okay, so maybe I'm having a little too much fun with this blog. Three posts in one day?? You have got to be kidding me! I know there is no one reading this (seeing as how I haven't told anyone about it, lol), but just being able to gab about anything and everything is kinda satisfying.

Things going on:
  • The Boy is trying to cruise. It's adorable...I mean, he's too scared to actually make the transition from the couch to the ottoman, but the determination on his face is simply priceless. I'll post pictures soon. 
  • Marc and I discussed our forming Christmas traditions for our family and what we want the Boy to know. Of course we want him to know the REAL reason for the season, everybody does, right? But we want to take that a step farther. He needs to know, believe, practice, understand, accept the true reason. Make sense? Agree? What are your traditions and what will your children believe - and how will you lead them to this belief?
  • I'm "dieting" - I put that in quotations because really I'm just counting calories, not exactly eating healthily. And today, I blew it. I even thought that I was on track, but I guess the calories were just stacked against me. I'm using My Fitness Pal if you wanna join me. It's rather interesting.
Have I mentioned how much I love having clean floors? I have walked around all day long without shoes on...something I haven't done since the installation of the wood floors in the living room. Swept floors just aren't the same as MOPPED floors! :)

Peace out.


  1. HI! I found you via Joy's blog. I am doing the clean up challenge too. We have a two year old daughter and a son on the way. Christmas traditions have been a hot topic for us this year. I actually did a blog post about it

    if you read the post and go to the "link" i mention toward the end i got some decent ideas. it atleast got my imagination going.

    i look forward to seeing how your cleaning goes.

  2. Oh my goodness, Heather...I actually read your blog post about that the other day and that's what got Marc's and my conversation started! Random :) We've talked about it before, but now that it's Christmas and we actually HAVE a child, it means a lot more to talk about. You know? I'm not sure how I stumbled on your blog, but I do know it was through Joy's as well. I look forward to seeing your clean-up progress too!!


Hey! I love hearing from you! :) Thanks for your comment.

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