Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Picture Time!

I'm finally able to upload some pictures! That's gonna make this blog so much more fun. Do you like pictures as much as I do? Sometimes it's easier to read a long post if it's broken up with fun pics. So, I'd like to show you my house. Brave, I know. Especially since these are the "before" the fun cleaning project pictures.

We'll start with the Laundry room. It's not so bad, plus nobody ever really sees it right? But I did just do laundry the week before this pic was taken, so it gets much much worse than this. 

Next, the kitchen. Please disregard the harvest gold countertops and maple cabinets (is that maple?) with outdated handles. (You can also see a peek into the dining room past the refrigerator.) Before this de-clutter-bug frenzy, at any given time there was a large stack of junk mail/paperwork on the corner closest to us in the pic. You can see there is also a bottle and some cookies. Random items find homes for weeks in these places, until one day we need that bottle or that cookie sheet for something else. There was always a pile of dishes in the sink and a plethera of junk on the kitchen table. I regret that I did not take a picture of the red hutch in the dining room that we had not seen the top of since I got pregnant. Yes, you read that right, over a year!!

 The living room. This room looks totally different as we got a new tv for Christmas and its now placed over the fireplace. And this room was "straight" when I took this pic. What you don't see is the pile of junk/paperwork/mail/trash/baby stuff crammed on the end tables on either side of the couch. Why didn't I take a pic of that, you ask. Because to me it wasn't dirty...it was "organized clutter." If there even is such a thing.

Please ignore all things wrong with this pic. What you can't see is the black grout in the tile. It's white now, thankyouverymuch. 

Our bedroom - the bed is never made (but now, we try to everyday). There was always crap on the dresser. But this room had just been "cleaned" that day. That's right, I called this clean.

I'm so embarrassed to show you my bathroom. Not only do I hate the 70s blue, but the mess is unbearable. People! How did I live like this? Joy, have I told you just how grateful I am that you have introduced this schedule to me? Cause I am! And, side note, God's timing is perfect...I wondered and wished I had known about this sooner, but I think my heart is in the perfect place to have received this information. If I hadn't already been working on cleaning my heart up, I never would have listened to Joy's advice.  But I digress. Yuck. You can see all the nastiness. I'm moving on.

The guest bedroom. I kid you not. 

I hope you have enjoyed these pics of the nastiest house on the block as much as I have loathed sharing them with you. :) Yesterday and today Marc was off, so I didn't get as much done. I have realized that I'll need to adjust the cleaning schedule a bit when he's off, because spending time with him is more important. BUT - with a house that's already basically clean, it's much easier to catch up when he goes back into work on Wednesday. I have fallen in love with my house all over again!

Random question of the day: When looking at a blog with pictures, would you rather see the commentary before the picture or after? Explain your answer.


  1. I like the comment after only because that's how "most" of the ones I read seem to do it so now I'm used to it and then it confuses me when it's at the top LOL

  2. I'm glad you responded...you know, I feel the same way. But it is SO much easier to comment before a pic! Do you agree? Anyhow, I'll start commenting after. I'm taking your advice, and I certainly don't want my readers to be confused :)


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