Saturday, January 29, 2011

What time is it? (Example 1)

I've been thinking on this blog for a while now, and a friend of mine posted on the same subject; so it's time for me to share my thoughts on the matter. It has the potential to be very long, but for your sake, I'll try to keep it short. I'm sure this is meant for someone, to encourage someone, though I'm not sure might even be for me sometime down the road to look back and remind myself of: God's perfect timing. I'm just gonna give you a few examples. (In typing this post, I have realized that each example is a lengthy story, so I'm gonna break it into segments, for you viewing pleasure.)

Our little Jetta was quickly approaching 100k miles when something went wrong with the transmission. We took it to our family mechanic, Mr. Larry at Kyser Automotive, and he informed us that we should take this problem to the dealership. He also told us he probably wouldn't be working on that car anymore as they have a history of falling apart after 100k, and he was really looking out for our best interest. Thank you, Mr. Larry!!

We went home and started doing some research. What we found was astonishing - and quite different from what we found when researching to BUY the car. (Yes, we did in fact do research!) Jettas have a record history of completely falling apart and losing all value once they reach 100k miles! Wow, who knew?! We felt devastated.

So we took it to the dealership, paid a nice chunk of change for them to look at it, and then they told us of all the other crazy stuff that needed to happen to "maintain" the Jetta. Now, I know that cars need maintenance regularly. I know that at certain points, belts need changing (preferably before they break), filters need cleaning, and so on and so forth. But we only had about 85k on the car and the stuff they were talking was big, shouldn't-be-needed-yet, stuff. What were we gonna do? We knew we were upside down and couldn't afford the payments on a new car. (We knew this because while the dealership was looking at the Jetta, a salesperson approached us and tried to sell us a brand new -gorgeous and tempting, mind you- pricey Jetta. We told him if he could get the payments the same as what we currently paid or lower - which was ridiculously low - then we'd buy. We knew it was impossible...he tried, nonetheless.)

After much prayer, we ventured out to other dealerships to search for a new car. Long story short, thanks to the awesome people at Treadwell Honda, we found the perfect car at the perfect price. We bought the car in April of 09, and just 2 short months later June 19 to be exact, we found out we were expecting our precious Carson. And you know what? A carseat would not fit in the back of the Jetta. It fits perfectly in our Accord :)

How's that for God's perfect timing?

Today's C.O.D.
Uh, huh...thought I forgot, didn't you? Nope, it's still here...and I have lots of these bad boys in cue. But today's goes along with this post. Have you ever thought Man, if I hadn't forgotten my sunglasses and had to run back in the house, that could have been me! as you came upon a wreck that just happened? Or some other misfortune set to that same tune? I believe that is God's perfect timing, my friends.

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