Saturday, January 8, 2011

Needing some bathtime help!

Let's have a tub talk. No, not for me, silly. It's for bath-time with Carson. He recently graduated from his baby tub to the big boy tub. This is long overdue since he's huge and outgrew it long ago. However, he was still in it because even I didn't like to sit in my tub to take a bath because I was so nervous about how dirty it was before I started my cleaning schedule...but now, it's squeaky clean. Weekly!! :)

Since he's in the real tub now, I put down a child's mat that suctions to the floor so he doesn't slide all over the place. Problem is, he likes to stand up and cruise all around the tub. Mainly he goes for the faucet - and last night, he busted! Bless his heart, it was so not cool. And then he got caught face down trying to get back up and when he started to cry, he sucked up a mouthful of water. It all happened so fast!! (Mom moment happened moments later while going through bedtime routine: instead of singing him a song, I cried holding him ever-so-closely telling him how much mommy and daddy love him and how we hope nothing ever hurts him -ever- in the whole wide world. But even if it does, we'll be right here to pick him up and kiss his bruises and make him all better. It's the simple things in life, folks. I love these moments!)

So my question is this: What did you do with your 10 1/2 month old in the bathtub? Do I go back to the baby tub? It's a constant battle to get him to sit at the back of the tub away from the faucet. I've turned him so he can't see it. I've given him toys to distract him from it. Nothing deters this child from the things he's not supposed to have. If mommy says it's okay for him to play with something, he snobs it and goes for what I say he can't  play with!

Friends with kids: HELP!!



  1. Well I don't know if you guys have 2 bathrooms (this requires a little space!) but when Harrison was that age we used one of those Munchkin brand inflatable duck tubs...I'll FB you a picture of it. You just have to blow it up so it's convenient if you have a place to keep it always blown up. Other than that I've seen those bath seats that are hard plastic and kids sit upright but they're designed a little like a high chair or something...GL, I'll send you that picture!

  2. all I know is he can't possibly be 10.5 months old!!!

  3. This was about the age that we started working on teaching Jess obedience. Our battle with her was the dishwasher. It wasn't that it was super big deal that she wanted to play in the ick while I was loading up dirty dishes (though it was super duper gross), but it was a super big deal that Mommy said "No" and she was ignoring me. And everyone is different, of course! I would just continue to emphasize that he has to sit in the tub. It will take some time, but he'll catch on. :) Good luck!

  4. We used one of the high chair type seats with isabel also. The ones that attach to the side of the tub. I think she was out of it by that age though. I agree with Michelle may just b one of those early discipline issue. I remember standing in the tub was one of our first discipline issues w isabel. Be patient and keeping reiterating he has to sit.....he will get it eventually.

  5. Thanks, friends, for your advice! For the sake of time (since we didn't have any time to go get anything for the bath) I decided to work on teaching Carson obedience. It took him several times, but he did finish his bath sitting down. Then, the same battle tonight. After coming to the realization that it would take time, I felt more patient each time I had to remind him and place him back on his bottom -- instead of becoming frustrated with him. :) So thank you all for your advice! It was much needed and eye opening to learn that my BABY is at THAT age to learn obedience...I have been thinking he was too young! Not at all!!

  6. I cannot believe he is already up and walking around!!! Cadie is nowhere close! She still sticks her legs straight out when i try to put her down in a standing position! I think patience is the best (and also hardest) thing to have. He is at a teachable age and should learn quickly that you disapprove. That doesn't mean he will always do the right thing. He is a boy, after all!!!


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