Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Potty Diaries (Part 2)

In case you missed it :: Part 1 -or want to skip ahead- Part 3 and Potty Training in 1 Day
Disclaimer :: these posts will be long and detailed. It won't hurt my feelings if you have no interest in reading these details.
Well it’s day 4 of potty training, and boy am I glad I wrote all that the first day! It passes so quickly, even though at the time I thought this venture would never work and was taking FOR.E.VER!

The afternoon of the first day, when Carson awoke from nap, we went straight back to the potty. I made him sit there for pretty much the rest of the day. After he would tee tee, he got about a 10-minute break, lots more juice, and then we headed back for the pot. Thankfully my best friend Paige brought her kids over that afternoon to play. That wasn’t in my original plan, but she told me that with her 1st son (the middle child, Maddox), he decided he was done with diapers after he saw his cousin tee tee on the potty. And he never looked back! So we decided to give that a try…plus it would give mommy some encouragement and a mental break!

We played outside between potty sittings and Carson had a wonderful time. I know he welcomed the break as much as I did. Daddy was home from playing golf at this point too, and he made us dinner. It was yummy, but Carson didn’t eat much since he had been snacking and eating his potty treats all day long. After dinner, daddy gave me a break and sat in there with him for an hour, thus ending day 1. We had a bath and put on a diaper for bed. (After much deliberation and prayer, I decided that nighttime would require diapers for a little bit longer until we really got the hang of this potty deal.)

Oh! And by the way, he slept for 2 ½ hours at nap with no diaper and woke up DRY!! J That made momma happy. And here’s what I did for nap. First off, I made sure the washer was clear and ready for anything that may need to be washed. Of course he laid down right after going potty. And I laid puppy potty pads under his top sheet (so he wouldn’t see them) and tucked it in since he doesn’t use it anyway. That way if he did tee tee, I could pick those up and he still had the fitted sheet to lie on. On the first day we went through too many Lysol wipes to count, and about 6 pair of Thomas undies!

Day 2, I was exhausted and unsure if I’d be able to go through all of that again for another day. My hiney was so sore from sitting on a tiny hard stool all day the day before. Thankfully 2 things happened :: Marc had stayed up the entire night before and cleaned the house and washed, dried, folded, and put away every stitch of laundry in the house, and my friend Samantha called and wanted to get her boys out of the house and go to the park. We needed to let Marc sleep anyway, so we met up at the park at 10 a.m. to play. I took him in undies and a change of clothes (and shoes because if they tee tee, it’s gonna go into their shoes.) Carson did so well and didn’t tee tee at all…unfortunately the day called for rain so we couldn’t stay too long. But the short break was awesome and when we got home, Carson and I took a quick shower and then both laid down for nap.

He woke up dry from another 2 ½ hour nap, and we celebrated by sitting on the potty until he went. Since I wasn’t pumping him with as much juice, we didn’t stay on the potty quite as much day 2. Even still, by about 5 p.m. he was absolutely done with the potty. I thought it was over. I felt disappointed and discouraged. I try really hard not to allow Carson to “call the shots”, but every parent knows his or her child and knows when enough is enough. I made that call and put him in a diaper at 5, and we sat down and watched a movie together. Then we headed for bed. I will say that before he went to the diaper, he stayed in the same pair of red choo choo undies for all of day 2! Yay!!

Day 3 – I wasn’t sure what would happen. I decided to just put on his underwear again and see where it went. Y’all…all day, unprompted, he told me when he needed to tee tee!! He didn’t have any accidents!! We even went and had dinner with my brother’s family, and he tee teed on the potty over there too! My boy has gotten it! It has clicked!! I’m SO SO SO VERY PROUD OF HIM!!! And it was not my doing, he just got it! Right when I was about ready to throw in the towel, my boy is potty trained! Yipee!!! I won’t have 2 in diapers!!! Yay!!!!

I really can’t even begin to express to you how thankful I am that this worked. I’m grateful for this post :: Potty Training in 1 Day :: for giving me the best idea ever!

I’m not naive enough to think it’s over, but I’m super thankful that it has “clicked” for Carson and he actually gets it. It was literally 2 months ago that my sweet little baby was in a crib and diapers, and not saying more than 10 or so words. Hard to believe that so much development has occurred for him in this 2 month time period…he’s now saying anything and everything I say AND sleeping in a big boy bed AND going potty! Take it from me, it CAN be done. Praise Jesus!!

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