Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moms and Dads of Boys

You may have noticed the new button to the side of my page that says "Warrior Prayers". Well, I started a day late (as always), but I'm joining this group of moms (and dads, too!) in a 21 day prayer challenge for our little warriors.

I don't know about you, but while my little man has my whole heart and then some, sometimes I feel like I'm at my whits end with him. He throws temper tantrums. He continues the same wrong behavior no matter how many times he is repremanded. He screams the most shrill scream you've ever heard. He refuses to give hugs and kisses. Mainly, he's just a boy. I know, I know...all babies can be like this, even girls. But my dirt-loving, bug-eating, booger-picking, drool bucket little boy keeps me on my toes.

From the author of the prayer challenge:
Friends, the battle for our sons’ hearts won’t be won just by reading and implementing the best parenting techniques. It won’t be won through late night talks, lectures on right and wrong, or even committing to a Bible-preaching church. These things are all important parts of the equation, but they don’t trump the most important piece of the fight.


This battle is best fought on our knees.
I'm excited about praying for the specific needs my son has. Today (or really, yesterday) starts with obedience. Ahhh, starting off on the right foot :: prayers where I need them most. And not only for Carson, but for myself as well. Won't you join me in this journey of praying for our little warriors?

Click on this link, or for future reference, you can click on the Warrior Prayer button on the right side of the screen.

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  1. LOVE this Elizabeth... Wow! Can you imagine the state of our nation if all parents, of boys and girls, fought this battle on our knees! I'm already thinking about our sweet little Parker and wondering how different it will be to raise a boy : ) Prayer, Prayer, Prayer!

    Oh and just in case you are curious.... little girls can behave the same way : ) Love, Love, Love my Emma Kate but man... sometimes, I have to remind myself to count to 5 and calm down : )


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