Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A disillusioned creative monster

Well, it's been a long time....where have I been? When we weren't on vacation to San Antonio or chasing a toddler, I've been pinning things. "Pinning things, really?" you may be asking yourself. Yes, if you haven't checked out Pinterest, you should. Er -- maybe you shouldn't if you tend to have an addictive/procrasinative (don't think that's a word, but go with me here) personality, like myself. So yeah, check me out on Pinterest if you don't like going to bed til 2 in the a.m. like me. By using this site, I have disillusioned myself to believe that I'm a crafty, domestic goddess, if you will. I could really write a whole post on my love/hate relationship with Pinterest, but not today.

Today, I'm gonna tell you how I've channeled my inner-creative side to create a quilt. I give credit for the ambition to Pinterest -- although I didn't find this idea on the site, a dear friend had one of these made and I wanted one -- but Pinterest made me feel like I had the skills to accomplish such a task.

When we returned from San Antonio with (practically) a new wardrobe from all the shopping we did, Marc and I decided to clean out the closet. I have all these t-shirts from college that I can't fit into, but they have so many memories associated with them, so I've kept hanging onto them. We got home on a Saturday (one and a half weeks ago to be exact) and on Sunday I had my stack of t-shirts on the couch with a pair of scissors in hand. I was using them to make a quilt.

**I can see this post is getting pretty long, so I'm going to break it up into two posts for your reading enjoyment. :) Aren't I a jewel? Haha...moving on.**

Before moving on to the pictures post, let me tell you a few things about this quilt.
  1. I have very little real sewing ability, although I know the basics of a sewing machine and how to work it, thanks to my dear college professor, Mrs. Dianne Murphree (shout outs for awesome teachers!) which means if you want one, I'm positive you can do it too!
  2. I didn't follow a set pattern or have any instructions, and therefore this blanket is far from perfect...don't look too closely. 
  3. Each and every shirt I used has a memory attached with it, and most of the shirts are attached to one (or several) person(s), which has made this project extra special. 
  4. I'm super excited and kinda proud of my little creation, so if you hate it or know of ways to improve it, please don't burst my bubble. :)
Here's a sneak peek:  

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