Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 30 things I love about my 30-year-old husband

Yesterday marked a very special day in the life of my love. My better half turned 30! As a tribute, I'm going to tell you my Top 30 (in no particular order) favorite things about this man that make him so darn special.
  1. Marc is the most handsome man I know. 
  2. He is such a hard worker - diligent in ALL of his tasks.
  3. His love for our son can be seen in every interaction with Carson. 
  4. He has a kind and gentle heart. 
  5. There has always been an innocence about him that cannot be found among most people.
  6. He loves Jesus and is not afraid to show it.
  7. He is an example among the people with whom he works.
  8. He always has a good attitude.
  9. Everyone that comes in contact with him has only great things to say about him.
  10. He is willing to set aside his dream for the betterment of our family.
  11. He knows how to show me love.
  12. He is the strong rock of our family, always knowing the best decision to make.
  13. He leads me and challenges me when I want to stray from what is good and right.
  14. If we disagree, he is careful not to slander me...even if it means he must walk away.
  15. He is very humble.
  16. Marc cares about other people.
  17. He doesn't take things for granted (e.g. me, Carson, his job, his family, his friends, etc.)
  18. He cherishes family and spending time with them.
  19. He loves to have conversations with me.
  20. He is funny and has an awesome sense of humor. 
  21. He is romantic, and he is a gentleman through and through.
  22. He prays for us.
  23. He enjoys having a little money, but is not in bondage to it....neither by hoarding it nor by spending more than we make. Just wise. 
  24. He is very active - loves sports and exercise and even hard work.
  25. He enjoys spending lots of time outdoors.
  26. When he has off time (which is a lot, thanks to his job), we are always doing something or going somewhere. No boredome around here!
  27. He changes diapers, feeds, bathes, cuddles, soothes, plays with, and does all the other things that make a daddy excellent for Carson.
  28. Prayer is a big part of the decisions he makes with and for this family.
  29. We see eye to eye on important issues such as child rearing, finances, etc.
  30. He often says, "I love you" and lets me know that marrying me is a decision he doesn't and will never regret. Which is probably THE favorite for this girl who sometimes struggles with insecurity.
This list is just the tip of the iceberg for what makes Marc the greatest guy on the face of this earth. I am such a lucky and blessed girl that he would choose me - so imperfect, so insecure, so broken - to spend his life with. May God continue to reveal ways for us to better love each other and grant us many, many more birthdays to share together! I love you more than life itself!

Welcome to 30, Marc! Growing up with you is my favorite!!


  1. That is a very sweet post, Elizabeth! :)

  2. Precious Elizabeth! We love our guys don't we! And I'm so thankful God gave us such great ones! Tell Marc, Josh and Kara say, "Happy Birthday". We're all headed to 30 soon! Josh will be on the 18th and me... in August! What wonderful and full lives God has blessed us with heading into the 30s! Can't wait to see what this next decade will bring!

  3. Elizabeth, that is beautiful, thanks for sharing from your heart. I love you all. Mom

  4. Precious :) ...And encouraging as a single still in the dating world, to be reminded in such detail of so many wonderful characteristics to look for in a Godly man/husband. Thank you for sharing. Love yall!

    (and love that fun signature!)

  5. Thank you, friends!
    Kara, I'll pass the word along to Marc. I know, I'm super excited about my 30s...I kinda cringe when I hear people say they dread it or they're "old". I'm not sure what's NOT to be excited about :)
    And Michelle, so true - God has every detail worked out...never settle! Love you girl!!

  6. Elizabeth, I love this...and I am so happy you are happy! You definitely deserve a good man!


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