Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beach on St. Patty's Day

We spent St. Patrick's Day 2011 at the most gorgeous beach I've ever seen. And we are lucky enough to live only an hour from said beach. I am inclined to think the sand is whiter and the water is the prettiest , blue/green color that I've seen it in a long time. Maybe it's from all the cleaning they've done since the oil spill. I don't know...but we'll be spending lots of time there this summer!

Carson's first time to really be able to enjoy the beach. The past times we've taken him, it was either too cold or he was too little to know what to do. 

 His daddy dug a little hole with a seat in it, we covered it with an umbrella, and this is where Carson played the entire time we were there. 

 Telling mommy how much he loves the sand. :)

 Learning to use his new beach toys. 

 He catches on pretty quickly. 

 Mommy and Daddy love the beach too!

 My sunscreen babe.

 The boys playing in the sand. Daddy would build it and Carson would tear it down. 

 Telling his shovel what he needs it to do to cooperate. 

 The most handsome man I know. And not to mention best husband and father too.

Watching some other kids playing and...
...telling me he wants to go play too.

 "Here, Mommy. Want some sand?"

 "I'm SO excited to be at the beach!!!" At least that's what I'm assuming those joyful squeals meant. 

 Daddy buried Carson's legs -- he wanted to bury him up to his neck, but Mommy said no. Haha.

We had such a fun beach day! Carson did eat one handful of sand, and I did nothing about it. Oh well, he'll learn. Thankfully he's not in the habit of eating it every time we go. 

Last thing, all you beach lovers out there. Someone shared on facebook last year the best beach tip I've heard in a long time...I think it was my college friend Lena, but I can't remember. To whomever it was I am forever grateful! Here it is :: baby powder removes sand from the skin. True story. I'll never go to the beach without it again.

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